Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recovery and repair day

Brownie, the sailor dog, is recovering from a vet visit. Nothing serious. It was elective surgery as we don't want to deal with puppies. Our little lady dog is doing fine. We are keeping her quiet.

I used the down time to fix a telescoping boat hook. We bent the fat end of it during one of our early trips in the Gulf. The motor failed and the pole got wedged between the boat and the bottom as we grounded. Something had to give.

It was a simple matter of shortening the pole a bit. No problem really, as it was a bit too long for our boat to begin with. Live and learn. I'm taking advantage of having my dad's shop at my disposal. Repairs can be made with rivets instead of duct tape -a much more permanent solution.
Taking it easy and enjoying the warm weather.



  1. Hope your dog recovers quickly. You did the right thing. I am enjoying your vacation, probably not as much as you are. . .

  2. There's no shortage of wonderful puppies in the world. No need to breed more.

    It's been a good trip. Who knows what next year will bring? Enjoying ourselves while we can and connecting with family and friends.

    Also learning a lot about sailing -something I've wanted to know about for years.

  3. You're living your dream! Is it corny to say "I'm proud of you, Dad?" Cause, I always have been, anyway, but this is just pretty darn cool, too.