Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anna Maria Island and Power Issues

This is our second night anchored off Anna Maria Island. Will spend one more. Free dinghy dock, Free shower. Public restrooms. Dog friendly restaurants. Just found a laundry in walking distance, so we'll do that too. Oh yeah, quite a few funky little shops. It's a tourist town, but not in a bad way.

The kayak has been essential for this trip. We'd be unable to stay here without one. That, and it's been fun to paddle around. We were surrounded by dolphins on the way to the dock today.

My electric power is limited on the boat right now. I discovered that neither the solar panel nor the outboard alternator has been charging the battery. By the time I checked it was very low. Been saving what power I have for essentials like the anchor light.

The good news is that the problem has been sorted out. Had broken wires on the connector to the solar panel. As for the power feed from the outboard, every connector had bad corrosion. Salt water is unforgiving. Once cleaned up and sprayed with corrosion. preventative, I'm back in business. The battery is up some, but I don't want to charge the computer until power's back up to normal.

Lot's of live aboards here -real sea hobos. Most of these boats look like they haven't moved in years. Don't know how else one could live down here rent free.

High winds predicted tonight. One of the locals recommended a second anchor. It couldn't hurt to put one out, so that's what I did. The locals must know what the conditions are like. About half the boats here are double anchored.

Sailing conditions should be good on Thursday, so that's our tentative departure date. We are really taking our time, but so what? It's not a race. It's a life.



  1. Those splices and connectors with the built in heat shrink are well worth the money. Also the spray (can't think of what it's called at the moment) for terminal connections (red in color) is good stuff. For batteries, get rid of those wing nut terminals if you can and get the terminals that clamp on to posts. And no crap, get those red and green felt washers that go on the posts, they work! Liquid electric tape is your friend as well. Seal everything. Dielectric grease is great for light fixtures and such too, bed the bulbs in it. Anything to keep out the moisture and salt!

    1. Had a problem with a "marine" plug. Ran out of the sealed connectors and paid for my haste.

  2. You probably already know this but Coca Cola works great for cleaning battery corrosion and vaseline on the terminals helps keep it away.

    That sticky red stuff in a spray can works OK but the last can I bought at NAPA was way too thin and watery.
    Lucky it was a pair of easy fixes though.

    1. Got that red stuff on the boat. Sprayed half of it on my hand. Wife thought I was bleeding.

  3. Wonderful! I guess you're still having fun...

  4. Boat life may have its own problems but it's worth it.