Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rain Day

I woke to the crash of thunder and a sudden rain storm. I quickly closed the porthole. The wind blew from exactly the wrong direction and through the screens on the cabin boards. A quick fix with a space blanket worked better than putting in the solid cabin board. The tarp allowed ventilation while still stopping most of the rain.

Rainy day options on a small boat are limited. We could have set up the boom tent, but decided not to bother with it. Fortunately, the marina has some very nice covered picnic areas -perfect for coffee and breakfast.

With a hot cup of coffee in hand, sitting under cover, the day looked pretty good. I caught myself smiling. Yep, I'm pretty happy, rain or no rain. My lovely wife and I put our rain gear on and walked on the beach. There are people all over the world stuck in offices, so it's our job to enjoy the outdoors.

We've found that the best background for living on a small boat is our years of camping. Not big RV camping, but backpacking and canoe camping. Compared to a rainy day in a small tent, rain on a small boat isn't bad at all.

Times have changed. We've two lap top computers, an iphone, and a e-book reader. Right now we are connected to marina power, but we can operate just fine on our own power. The little solar panel keeps up with our small needs, and most of our wants.

I am amused at the power usage some of these trawlers use. The one across the doc from me is tapped into two, 30 amp supplies. I asked him is he was doing welding in there.

The rain has slowed down to an occasional drizzle. The sun even pokes its head out now and then. I set up an “office” by placing my laptop on two waterbricks. There's a space blanket draped over the boom for the light rain.

Life is good.



  1. I can enjoy a rainy day, but my wife spirals further downward the longer the sun is missing.

  2. Rainy days are made for reading if you live alone!

  3. Should oughta be some good wind to carry ya south after this front goes by...don't delay, it won't last long and it'll be coming back out of the east and south soon.
    Go on down to Naples and take the back way on over to Marco and then the river around to Goodland. Sweet holes and plenty of fishing from there south.

    1. Your the second guy to recommend Goodland to me lately. Must be something to it.

    2. Once spent three months anchored there. Lots of places to gunk hole and zero people !

  4. Nothing like the sound of rain hitting the deck and water lapping the hull.

  5. If you love the outdoors, rain is just a part of nature. I love the woods in the rain (or snow). Of course, I have gotten soaked while camping and then it turned real cold. Don't think I ever shivered so hard in my life.