Monday, November 4, 2013

Taking it easy

Not too much to say. Still hanging around Calidesi State Park. As good a place as any to wait out small craft warnings. The marina is protected from the worse of the wind and waves.

We are trying to take care of some business before we head out, so that's a consideration. The iphone hotspot has been a huge help. Keeping a connection to the Internet has allowed me to do the boring but necessary money stuff.

My lovely wife went on a long guided nature walk today. I stayed behind with the dog. She had a good time but might need another day to recover.

Some things are working out as planned. The Whisperlite gasoline cook stove works just fine on the outboard mix. Even pan roasted some coffee today.

Other things didn't measure up. I was too cheap to buy a good manual coffee grinder. One has to draw the line somewhere. However, the electric coffee grinder draws more power than my little inverter can put out. So while I've got shore power, I'm grinding a bunch of coffee beans. Maybe in my travels I'll find a good grinder.

The dog keeps making friends with all the kids. She's having fun.

Yeah, we could be racing down the coast, but there's no hurry. That time will come soon enough.



  1. No time constraints makes for a lovely vacation! No rush to be anywhere. Enjoy!

  2. Yeah this time of year those fronts will leave you in port. So get that computer work out going.

    1. Doing that right now. Got a nice "Office" at the picnic area overlooking the marina. Plenty of wind to keep the bugs away.

  3. I saw this ad and thought of you. You should be in the neighborhood.
    It's a Pearson P26 - 26' Sailboat