Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kayak test and other things

I inflated the kayak. My lovely wife, Brownie and I took it for a little spin. The Sea Eagle 420 is a pretty stable platform. All of us were able to get in and out of it without going for a swim in the process. That's no small feat. I'm a very big dude.

The dog was a bit hesitant at first, but soon she warmed up to the whole thing. We went down the channel and into the sound, but I didn't feel like paddling against the wind all that much. Instead, we poked around the mangroves a bit. Lot's of bird life.

There's a name for husband and wife teams in a tandem kayak. They are called divorce boats. There are arguments over who's throwing the boat out of balance. The Sea Eagle is so stable that isn't an issue for us. Another big argument is over the paddling rhythm. I believe my lovely wife's solution is to let me do most of the paddling. I'm cool with that.

We don't plan on going on any expeditions with this boat. The main idea is to have something to use as a tender. It should work out for the relatively short distances involved.

I did go for a swim, but at the beach like everyone else.

It's not all fun and games. My lovely wife is working her way through bureaucratic hell trying to get her prescriptions filled. We located a pharmacy near public boat docks. I thought that would be the hard part. No the hard part is getting her home doctor's office to get their act together. We travel all the time and this one of those things that doesn't stay fixed. People and rules change. It's always a challenge to do this by phone.

We'll figure it out. At any rate, we plan on heading down the coast. This island is a little slice of paradise, but we have Gypsy blood. We've got to go find the next adventure.



  1. Haha Bureaucrats don't like making things easy for people like you and me... Why should they they think when we're stuck here in an office and you're out there having fun... a strange but human attitude isn't it... good luck...

  2. Such problems will be more common as"they" try to make us less mobile (one reason for high gas prices).

  3. Some of my prescriptions are for 3 months at a time. Also, when I travel and need a 'scrip filled early the pharmacy usually obliges if it isn't too far ahead.

  4. The health scare in the USA is keep you pumping money into system.My friends in Canada don't have the same government regulations and its high quality health care.I guess when send 7 trillion on 12years of WAR thats what you get.More money for WARS none for the working men and women.

  5. Glad the kayak test went well! Probably a good sign that no one went for an unexpected swim.

  6. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves and the Mrs got her meds.Winds and waves decreasing , I hope.