Thursday, November 7, 2013

On the move again

We finally said goodbye to Calidesi Island. It was on fire when we left it. The park was doing a controlled burn. I'm too sure how how controlled it was, as there was an awful lot of smoke. We had a good last night there. Another couple invited us over for pizza and drinks at their boat. Great conversation.

Clearwater beach was not that far as the crow flies, but with all the convoluted channels and shallow water, it's much further by boat. The town has free day use docks, which we made good use of. It was less than ½ mile to the CVS where my lovely wife was supposed to pick up her prescriptions. Of course, the most important one had not been called in.

By then we were hot, tires, thirsty and hungry. Using Google Maps on the iphone I found a nice dog friendly restaurant called Cooters. We sat in the shade. They brought water for Brownie. I drank three tall glasses of ice tea. The food was pretty good. Thus fortified, my lovely wife was able to make a number of phone calls and rattle some chains. A nurse I knew way back in high school was able to get hold of a doctor and get the info faxed to the CVS. Now my wife has 2 months of meds, so we won't have to deal with this for a while.

The boat is anchored in the heart of Clearwater Beach. There's expensive homes and big hotels all around us. However, we might have the best view on the water.

Tomorrow, we head to more free docks and resupply at a Publix. Then we might actually do our laundry. We've gotten by using a bucket, but we aren't quite keeping up. It's kinda weird to be in the middle of a city, but we'll use the services while we are here.

Night exposure of city lights from a rocking boat.
Every day we are one the water, we learn more about this lifestyle.



  1. Sounds like I need to be there with you! Looks like you both are doing just fine!

  2. Sixbears,
    Traveling and living on your boat sounds so relaxing.

  3. I bet you are sure enjoying it. Have lots of fun but be safe. Thanks for the pictures.