Thursday, October 18, 2018

Storm ready and plans

We've had a lot of high winds and cold temperatures lately. It makes me glad that the house solar electric system has been working well. When a storm is predicted, I top off the battery bank from the grid. That way if the grid goes down I'm starting with a full charge.

There's wood for the kitchen stove that keeps the whole house warm. There's plenty of food storage. It's nice to have to go anywhere if we don't want to. With snow predicted, it's a relief not to be out driving on icy roads.

A couple days ago we had high winds. The grid didn't go down, but we lost Internet service for about 12 hours. That's annoying, but it gave me an excuse to relax and read books -not that I need a special excuse to do that!

I've a doctor's appointment at the end of the week. Since I'm hanging around the North Country for a while, I might as well get some minor annoying things attended to. I hate to go to the doctor's. It's never been my favorite thing. Lacking any kind of insurance I wince at the expense. However, if taking care of small issues now saves me major problems later, it'll be worth it.

I'm what is known as a “bad” patient. I ask too many questions and make up my own mind about treatments. Sure, I'm stubborn, and it sometimes causes problems, but it's that stubbornness that's kept me alive. Mistakes by doctors is the third biggest killer of patients. If I avoid doctors, I avoid that high risk situation.

This a time for taking care of long delayed business. It's also a time to figure out what we want to do next. Nothing's off the table. My lovely wife and I even discussed the possibility of moving to Spain for a time. That just goes to show nothing is off the table when we brainstorm.



  1. Too many doctors have too many patients so they can't spend quality time with them. I worked for a doctor who spent as much time as a patient needed and I often had to remind him that there were other patients waiting. Those waiting understood because he would spend as much time as they needed too.

    1. My lovely wife had a new Dr. The Dr. took all the time needed for her conditions. My lovely wife thought the Dr. was great, but would get kicked out of the practice for not seeing enough patients. She was right.

  2. Since I don't care to visit the doctor's office, I told him I travel a lot, so give me a year's supply of prescriptions. Well, that didn't go over too well but he conceded to give me three months supply at a time, refillable four times (that is a years supply).

    1. My lovely wife's meds are too heavily rated to get more than a month's supply. Makes it tough to travel sometimes.