Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Best laid plans

It’s a good thing that there’s a fair amount of slack in our travel schedule. The trip has already been set back a day. Our departure date has slipped from Wednesday to Thursday.

Originally the Blazer was going to get a state inspection done at my mechanic’s on Monday. There was nothing wrong with it when it had been parked. However, while parked, a tiny crack in the windshield spread completely across from one end to the other. The crack was definitely big enough to cause the Blazer to flunk the inspection. The earliest I could get that fixed is sometime Wednesday afternoon.

I kept the appointment at the garage anyway. With the exception of the windshield the Blazer would have passed. Once the windshield is replaced it they’ll slap a sticker on. Since the vehicle had barely started, it seemed like a good idea to load test the battery. It was weak so that got replaced. No sense being stuck on the highway somewhere.

The Blazer was pretty much fully loaded, so I had the mechanic adjust the headlights. With a full load and trailer on, they would have been pointing too high. That’s something a lot of people don’t think about.

Monday my lovely wife and I connected with a couple of friends. We won’t see them again for months so it’s good to have caught up. While the Internet helps us stay connected, it’s just not the same.

We are fortunate our daughter and her family have been putting us up while we sort out our preparations for the trip south. Next year they are moving to Vermont so we’ll have to do it without their support.



  1. Like they say, if it ain't one dern thing, it's another.

    1. There's always something. So far none of them have been deal breakers.

  2. Good catch on the headlight path - I never thought of that but you are right.

    Hope the delays are over with ! Safe travels.

  3. Life is always a journey. Enjoy the ride...

    1. There's always something interesting happening.