Monday, December 2, 2019

Snow, Ice and a Boat

My son-in-law gave me a hand digging out the sailboat and Blazer. Both of them were encased in about eight inches of a frozen ice/snow mix. The town plow had also left pretty good snowbanks behind. When my lovely wife and I shut the house down at the end of October we hoped the snow would have waited. It didn’t.

Thank goodness my son-in-law has a powerful snowblower. However, even the blower wasn’t fully up to the task. A lot of the ice and snow had to broken up with shovels and pitchfork. It was one degree Fahrenheit. The Blazer wasn’t too interested in starting. I tried to open the hood, but everything was frozen solid. On a whim I tried the starter one more time and the engine cranked over. The Blazer was able to pull the boat out due to new tires and four wheel drive. Now it’s sitting in my daughter’s driveway.

After lunch I went back up to the lake. It took a few more hours to pack up the rest of the gear we need for our southern trip.

Today will be spent running around taking care of business. My mechanic will be checking out the Blazer before my lovely wife and I tow the boat south.

Right now there’s a huge snowstorm hitting New England. We are fortunate in that the storm didn’t quite make it to the northern tip of New Hampshire. We could get some light snow later in the day. With that in mind, I’m going to cover up the boat with a large tarp.

Wednesday could be our departure day, but that hinges on everything going well. I’m not going to tow a boat throw a blizzard.



  1. No worry, no hurry; you have all winter.

    1. I'm suffering in the cold, so that's an issue. Fragile lungs. If the air is moist and warm, I can forget they were ever injured.

  2. This isn't the first time you've driven on snow and ice. :-) Once you get away from the house and on Interstates you'll be fine just don't take any risks, they're not worth it and enjoy the trip.

    1. Not my first time on snow and ice, but my first time towing with this vehicle. There will be a learning curve so I'm taking it easy.