Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Site prices

It was an interesting day. The weather was cloudy with some rain so we postponed outdoor activities. There was good wifi at the main campground office. The big downside was the constant blaring of daytime TV. That made it hard to concentrate.

We discovered one of the places we planned on staying had more than doubled their prices since were there two years ago. They were already at the top end of what we were willing to pay. Such is life down to the Florida Keys. We did figure out at least one option and we have a good lead on a second. By the time we came across the second we were too burned out to deal with people on the phone in a civilized manner. We can always call them today or tomorrow.

Some of our new friends moved to a campground less than a half hour down the road. It’s one of those little places that almost no one knows about. It’s really cheap, and there’s no full time caretaker. Payment, such as it is, is on the honor system. The place is maintained and has regular bathroom facilities. It’s along a little river with otter and manatees so might make for good kayaking.

So what do you do on a night when thunderstorms come blowing through? Laundry. It’s got to be done sooner or later and this place has both wifi and good music. They’ve upgraded many of the machines since we were here last.

I’ve been using more electric power than expected so have drawn down my solar battery. The days are short and we’ve had some cloudy weather. No problem, as I just temporarily stole one of the solar electric systems out of the boat. It was built to be easily removed for just such a contingency.


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