Saturday, December 14, 2019

Calm Before the Storm

My lovely wife and I had a rainy night in the St. Augustine Florida area. It rained heavily. Our tent held up well and we only had a bit of ground seepage. L. L. Bean makes good tents.

However, it’s going to be put the test sometime during the night and early morning. We’ve been warned that a line of thunderstorms is moving in. 60 mph winds are expected. Currently we are in a Federal campground in the Ocala.

I put down extra stakes and lines. Hopefully that’ll keep the tent on the ground. This is going to be a real test. While the sky is currently clear, the dog is worried. She feels something coming.

We were warned that cell phone connection is pretty bad here. My cell phone isn’t cutting it. However, the hotspot device puts out a stronger single. That’s how I’m able to get this blog post out.

Our plans are to stay here for a week. We stocked up on provisions before coming out to the forest. There is a store not that far away but last time we looked at some bacon that was many months out of datee. We don’t shop there for perishables.

Once the weather clears we hope to launch the sailboat on the St. John and check out Lake George.

My lovely wife and I are really starting to settle in after our stressful trip down.



  1. I guess if you post from somewhere else to morrow, we'll know that you got blown away.

    1. The inside of the tent stayed dry -and on e the ground!

  2. As I read this, the front should be passing through where you guys are...hope that tornado didn't get ya !

    We're heading south this morning to the "Hope for the Abacos" benefit concert in Stuart. Storms should be past by the time the concert starts tho.
    We will be back tonight. So as always, don't hesitate to email or call ifn ya require any kind of assistance no matter where you are !
    Or if ya need a ride back to retrieve your vehicle. My truck is itty bitty for a big dude like y'all, but I'm sure we'd manage lol.
    Enjoy the St. John's, maybe you'll make the loop all the way around and back down to us. Then I could transport you back over to your ride perhaps ? That'd be an adventure fer sure...

    1. Hey Spud! We had quite the storm, but the inside of the tent stayed dry. Lost the pegs holding the vestibule open,but that was minor.

      We have a week or so here and then we are booked in the Everglades. Catch you in the way north of the Glades, whenever that is. We are bouncing around until the end of April so would love to meet up again.