Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wilderness Drive

There was a chance of thunderstorms yesterday so my lovely wife and I decided to do a drive. We traveled a 24 mile loop, mostly on dirt and mud.

We took a lot of photos, but my bandwidth is so narrow here that they haven’t been uploading. Eventually I will get them up.

While the mosquitoes and other biting flies aren’t quite as bad here, we’ve been struggling with fire ants. I hate those little beasties. Our poor dog isn’t a fan either.

Sunnier and cooler weather is in the forecast. It’s not going to be the brutal cold of up north, but cool for the Everglades. No complaints from me.

By the way, my lovely wife and I just celebrated 41 years of marriage. I’m going to have to give her better experiences than fire ants, that’s for sure.



  1. Get a bag of Amdro. May not help now, but at least you'll kill them for the next campers.

    Congrats on making it to 41.

    1. I've got the park people on it.

      Thanks Beans. I can't believe it's been 41 already.

  2. Yah , we automatically sprinkle Amdro around the area when tent camping.
    Whenever my wife bitches about the sugar ants at the house. I remind her that sugar ants kill fire ants !

    1. Right now I'd rather deal with fire ants than the cold. Of course, best if I didn't have them.

  3. Congratulations and best wished on 41 years together!