Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Business on the road

My lovely wife has been trying to sort out her medication supply issues since before we left New Hampshire. She finally succeeded. In fact her full allotment of meds won’t be at the pharmacy in time, but he was able to issue her enough to bridge the gap. We hope this goes more smoothly the next time she needs a refill. Every year it gets more difficult to get prescriptions filled while traveling.

In other news, apparently one of the places we thought we had reservations has no record of it. Things get glitchey on-line sometimes. I’ve no idea how that disappeared. Today we plan on getting our ducks in a row as far as reservations go.

Just to make it interesting, some of the places we occasionally stay don’t take reservations. They also sometimes fill up. You need a solid plan B in place.

We’ve got a couple more days here in St. Augustine to sort things out.



  1. Check out the Jetty Park campground at Cape Canaveral. Really nice, almost on the beach and on the jetty, allows you to watch ships go in and out of the port and see what's up at the Cape (with binoculars, of course... or take a tour.) Fishing at the pier used to not require a fishing license, but may require.

    Nice locations, good hookups.

    Also, I think there's a campground at Sebastian Inlet, on either the north or south side. Also really nice (well, in the 90's was the last time I was down thataway...)

    Good luck. Hope you find great locations.

    Ocala National Forest also has several locations, both public and private, but I am sure you knew that already.

    1. Thanks for the leads. Jetty Park is a new one for me. We plan to stay in the Ocala later. There are campgrounds both north and south of the inlet. State park to the south. County Park to the north. We stayed in the county Park two years ago.