Thursday, December 19, 2019

Let History be my Judge

. . . because then I pretty much get off Scott free.

Being judged by History is a pretty weak punishment. It doesn’t much affect the here and now, and that’s when judgment really matters.

History is a funny thing. First of all, it’s written by the winners. Sometimes there is Historical revision years later. It’s a squishy thing.

Saying that History will judge someone is just a way to make yourself feel better. It’s one step removed from saying they’ll be judged in the afterlife. That might make someone feel better, but provides little relief in the present time.

Justice is a fine concept but hard to come by for the average person. It’s been my experience that you get the justice you can afford. What kind of justice is that? We claim to be a nation of laws, but unless you can afford high priced lawyers, it’s not available.

So yeah, I’m in a bit of a mood.



  1. As long as we continue to share our stories, we are not confined to His-Story...

    1. Sometimes all you can do is keep on keeping on.

  2. True , that giant sucking sound as predicted by Ross Perot and amplified by the Orange Chosen one is sweeping us all to a dark place. Just gotta think outside that box.
    You're a "Ray" of sunshine in this dimness Sixbear.

    1. Thanks Spud! I think I'm doing better today. More of that Ray of sunshine right now. :)

  3. seen a couple of things in the injustice system no justice without money to pay for it