Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Launch Abort

Monday we’d hoped to launch the sailboat, but like so much in life, that did not go to plan. We thought we could anchor it close by and use the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak to dingy back and forth.

Unfortunately, the skeg had come loose. Without the skeg the kayak tends to go around in circles. The glue on its mountain plate failed. My lovely wife found some 5200 adhesive in the boat so I was able to glue it back. That takes time to set, so instead of launching the boat, we did some cleaning and organizing. The winter roads from NH to FL took their toll.

The campground is pretty much emptied out. All our new friends have left, but we’ll meet up with at least some of them down the road. It’s never goodbye, but see you later!

Today is supposed to be a bit ugly in the weather department. Boating will be put off until at least Wednesday. It’s a good thing we are out and about for a number of months. There’s time for things to come together.



  1. Some strong storms followed by a rapid drop in temps are due for your area in the next day (Tuesday rainy windy bad weather, Wednesday to be cold almost down to freezing) so take care and protect your lungs. Because cold and wet, like only Florida can do, can really suck on the damaged lungs, as you will find out. High humidity and low temps truly sucks. Time to break out an extra shirt or two to keep your chest warm.

    Broken skegs suck. Hope it holds, nice that the temps today (Monday) and Tuesday will be warm enough to allow it to set.

    Be careful out on the waters, watch out for fast moving winds from the north and plan accordingly.

    1. Thanks Beans! We are preparing for the cold weather. Our tent set up is pretty warm as we are used to cold temps.

      Skeg looks good today.

      We are being cautious about launching on the water.

  2. Flexibility is a wonderful option to have.

  3. Yeah , good old 5200...expect it to cure sometime this spring lol.

    Had a good time down in Stuart for the benefit concert. Good turnout and it raised a lot of money.
    Sadly , we found out one of our best friends in the sailing community had passed away. The man was a legend in the Bahamas and taught us many things. Showed us super secret routes to spots no one to to...
    Rest in peace 💔 John Knight. It was a pleasure and a privilege to sail the islands with you sir.

    1. It got in the 80s and the kayak and skeg were right in the sun all day. That should do the trick.

      Glad teh benefit went well. Those folks need all the help they can get. Sad when you lose old friends. Hope he's sailing in the heavens.