Saturday, April 1, 2023

In like a lion

There’s a saying: March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Here in the North Country -not so much. 

As I write this on the evening of March 31 there’s a raging snowstorm going on outside. March is going out like an angry lion. It’s been a weird month weather wise. In fact we had warmer days in February. 

To put icing on a crap cake my childhood friend, who was the brother I never had, just passed away. He was one of the good ones. It’s not too many people who keep the same friends for over 50 years. In a previous blog I mentioned the guy who was still working from his hospital bed. This is the same guy. 

Cancer sucks. My good friend had early detection, good insurance, good doctors, and it killed him anyway. Both my parents died from cancer. A lot of my fellow firefighters died from cancer too. It’s a serious job risk. My lovely wife’s father is currently dealing with cancer. 

March wasn’t all bad. In fact, a lot things went really well. However, on balance, I could have done without.



  1. At our age 6 Bears a lot of our friends and family pass. It hurts but it is reality. Cancer in the older folks is part of life.

    Cancer never leaves your mind once you'd had it. My beloved still recalls the university date when she "Beat Cancer" and has concerns about it returning.

    To me it really hurts when it's a child afflicted by cancer. They don't get a real chance at a full and interesting life.

    May the peace of God flood your mind 6 bears. He is still in control even as Satan is still the ruler of this earth until God's return.

    You know God and Satan talk to each other.

    Job 1: 6-22

  2. I truly feel for your loss. I'm here if you need me.
    It's time to get together.

  3. My condolences on the loss of your friend. I always enjoyed his short stories and his book "Lockdown".
    I'd only met him a couple times but had a lot of respect for him and your fellow literary wizards at Quantum Muse.

  4. I am very sorry to hear about your loss.