Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Chart

My lovely wife and I drove to a marine supply store to pick up another chart. Where we want to travel was off our existing charts. It was with a certain sense of glee that we headed to the store. Lots of fun stuff to look at there.

We did find a suitable chart, and we also checked out a lot of other shiny wonderful things in the store. Then we gasped at the prices and left with just a chart. I must admit to having been tempted by a chart plotting GPS, as that was one little item that had come down in price. Theoretically, one could save money going totally with electronic charts. Then again, theoretically, one could have his nice electronic gizmo fail and really wish for a paper chart.

Yep, we are heading out soon for a few more days sailing. I don’t think I’ll even bother looking for a wifi signal. I’m afraid I might find one. Then I’d be tempted to check the news rather than check out the real world around me.

We should be back in 3 -4 days or so. With any luck, there will be photos.



  1. Have fun and enjoy. Paper charts, maps, instruction books, etc. are all good to have in hard copy. I would rather look at a real paper map than an electronic one. Its batteries don't die or its signal doesn't get lost.

  2. Yeah those charts can get pricey, but they still work when gizmos fail. A spare compass (and the knowledge to use it properly) is far superior to a GPS "backup". GPS/chart plotters are simply conveniences. Nice to have but not to be relied on for primary navigation. Though I will say that I've yet to have a GPS unit fail. On the flip side, there has been days when GPS was way off...

  3. Redundancy in all forms....
    Should have come seen paper for all of Florida.
    Yup two Charts, two GPS's , two compasses and most important 5 anchors lol