Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Insane Corporate Being

Corporations have the right to free speech, as if they were real people. Of course, people speak with voices. Corporations speak with money. No wonder politicians listen closer to corporations.

Let’s look at the corporate being. What kind of creature is it? It’s a creature created as a money pump. It must extract and concentrate wealth. It has no real other function. Public relations flacks promote some drivel about things like good corporate neighbors, but it’s a mighty thin facade. When a corporation does something other than concentrate wealth, it’s being made to do it. If it wasn’t for tax breaks, there would be no corporate charity. In fact, corporate officers who lose focus on wealth concentration are replaced.

A real person who only focused on wealth, to the exclusion of all else is a psychopath. In fact, that’s the sort of person who does really well in a corporate environment. They are driven. All human values have no impact on their decisions.

Maybe we should treat corporations like real people -real psychotic people. They are sick and dangerous and should be restricted in what they can do. That’s one of the jobs that government used to do, but now government is an enabler. Crazy people are watching the crazy people. It’s no wonder we live in a crazy world.

The first step to sanity is to reverse the decision that gives free speech rights to these nonliving pseudo creatures called corporations. Then we have to treat corporations like we’d treat a psychotic person. It might be impossible to change its nature, but it is possible to restrict actions. That’s done with close observation and tightly enforced rules.



  1. You're wrong about corporations.

    They're worse.

    If the leaders of a corporation fail to do everything they can to "maximize shareholder value", the shareholders can sue them, personally.

  2. Spot on. Can't think of anything more to add...

  3. If corporations were treated like people, they would want welfare and handouts, too.

    1. Dizzy, they already get those. They're called bailouts and subsidies... But I suspect you were being facetious...


    How about this?
    "Also criminalized by the bill is conduct “that impedes or disrupts the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions”"

    So, then, corporations are impeding the orderly conduct of government by swaying a larger portion of the house and senate, yes? And not allowing the government to enact laws that would truly be beneficial to the entire nation, rather than just a few corporations? I mean, it's fine if a corporation is one single entity- their single vote should count as much as my single vote. Unfortunately, I know, it doesn't work thataway.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dad! <3

  5. Very well said....

    I agree 100%