Sunday, March 4, 2012

Open Sesame!

There’s something very satisfying about waking up on a boat right where you anchored the night before. As we slept, the wind had shifted to a more northernly direction. Our large Danforth anchor never budged.

Due to the wild sail the night before, we were very close to our destination. It was just a short trip through the bridge and up the channel to Calidesi State Park Marina. Since the winds were unfavorable, we motored.

Brownie the Sailor Dog was very interested in the whole draw bridge operation.

I still get a kick out of having bridges open for me.

We had a mellow day at the park. My lovely wife went swimming at the beach.

I found a nice swinging bench in the shade in which to read. All in all, a very pleasant day.

My wife had an encounter with a very large rattle stake -right next to the “Caution, this island has rattle snakes” sign. She noticed it, gave it plenty of room, and warned other people. The snake relaxed and disappeared in the underbrush. Later that day, we noticed the park people had cut the brush further back away from the trail.

We know from Genesis that Paradise has a snake -that doesn’t stop it from being Paradise.

Calidesi is one of our new favorite places.



  1. That's a remarkably mellow reaction for Mom. Now, had it been a spider...

  2. Rattle snakes will go away if you leave them alone unlike Cottenmouths. I have had them come after me to their demise. All my Rattle snake I counters have ended happily for both parties.

  3. George said he motored past Calidesi Island many times while shrimping. He wondered what you thought of the marina and what it cost you to tie up your boat - if you did so at the marina.

    We have found yet another house and have one inquiry on our home so at least we're still headed in the same direction!

    Happy sailing to you both.