Sunday, March 11, 2012

Projects to greet me on my return

I just got news that the title problems with my ambulance conversion have finally been straightened out. When I get home, I’ll be able to put license plates on that beast. For newer readers, I’m in the process of converting an ambulance into a mini-camper/boat hauler. Bad weather and title problems put the project on hold. When I get back, the first priority is to get the rig road legal. Then it’s being converted to run on waste vegetable oil. Finally, a few more camper modifications will have to be done. Dad donated a nifty 12 volt/120 volt refrigerator to the project.

Another project is an Ooze Goose. I downloaded the plans. They are extensive, leaving nothing out. There’s things I really like about this boat. It’s small and should be a quick build. It has a usable cabin where someone can get away from the weather and bugs. I want to experiment with a scow design and a lug rig, so this will be a good test bed. Plus, I like the idea of a light sailboat that I can drag off into the trees and hide. I bet it’ll be light enough to throw in the back of a truck. The only big downside is that the plans are metric. I’ll have to buy some new measuring tools.

I’m sure there will be plenty of other things for me to do once I get back. At least I won’t have to reopen the house. I’ve house sitters who’ve kept the fires burning while I’m gone. There won’t be leaking plumbing to patch up. It seems that no matter how careful I am draining plumbing, some little thing somewhere will spring a leak.

We don’t expect to head north for over a month yet. There’s plenty of time for more projects to pile up.



  1. Just take time to write the English value for all the dimensions on your prints. 25.4 millimeters equal one inch. Cheaper than buying metric drill bits, fasteners, and measuring devices.

  2. All I really need is a tape measure and a meter stick. On the bright side, the plans use standard 4X8 plywood. Next time one of my friends goes to Canada, I'll have them stop at a hardware store.

  3. I like the Ooze Goose. Perfect for a little weekend gunkholing in the Laguna Madre!

  4. Sounds like things are coming together for you two also! We sold our home today. Florida is 30-60 days out!

  5. This tid-bit has stuck in my head since the 5th grade..,,when they actually taught you stuff...2.54CM = 1 inch

    And the speed of sound at zero 1090 FPS.

    That's about all I recall from schooling.

    Bigfoot in TX