Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scouting Mission

My lovely wife, Brownie the Sailor Dog, and I did a little scouting mission. I borrowed my dad’s car and we hit the coast.

Earlier in the day my lovely wife and I did some research on the Internet, but nothing beats boots on the ground. With a list of addresses we hit the road.

We were looking at places to take a sailboat. The first order of business: boat ramps. Florida has a lot of them, but the quality, prices, and rules vary. Often there is a difference between what you see on the Internet and how things really look on the ground. The one we checked out . . . checked out.

Looking to the future, we’d like a bigger boat, but don’t want it to financially break us. We really like the idea of leaving a boat down to Florida. Trailering a bigger boat would be a pain, or even impossible. One option is to leave a boat drydocked for the summers. We checked out a number of marinas to see their operations.

Since we were in the area, we drove down plenty of side roads, checking out the houses on the water. There are plenty for sale, not that I’m buying. I’m not interested in buying property in a community where I don’t vote. At least I can go to town meeting back home in NH and have a voice. More property goes against our desire to live a more mobile existence. However, for the right price, renting might have potential.

The next thing on our list was to have dinner and drinks at a funky restaurant on the water. There’s aways a funky little restaurant on the water. This one delivered. Funky atmosphere, good food at reasonable prices, and decent beer on tap.

Hey, scouting is thirsty work.



  1. Did ya happen to check out Indian Town Marina ?
    Their dry storage is one of the most reasonable. Though any of them over the long run are not cheap ! A Catalina 25 would be a nice choice for a trailerable boat.

  2. It goes on the list, thanks. Lots of good boats in the 25 - 30 foot range, but the Catalina would do the job.

  3. Next time you're "scouting" check out Stumpmaster Mike in Crystal River. Tiki bar/grill that friends who swam with the Manatees recommended. Can't wait to drag Sweetie there. He's the one who gets to eat seafood; I'll have the fries & veggies.

  4. Decent beer is indeed important. (Never mind I am not supposed to drink it cause the barley it is made for trashes my gut!) We recently found a place with its own brews and a lunch buffet wherein a gooood beer is only $1!!

    Hefeweisen from heaven, I tell you!