Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Texas

The 900 mile road trip from my dad’s in Florida to my in-laws in Texas took about 18 hours. That included fuel, rest, and food stops -along with waiting out an impressive thunderstorm in Louisiana.

There’s very limited Internet access from my in-laws, and it’s expensive. I can only access my accounts from public wifi hotspots. There ain’t a lot of them in rural East Texas.

This trip is to meet up with my wife’s family, so I’m at their convenience.

My father-in-law gave me a some good boating equipment: two anchors, a spotlight, and a decent flush mount marine compass. All those things will be put to good use on my next boat project. He’s been digging out his old books and charts, and I’m happily taking all of them. Back in the 70s, he used to shuttle boats all up and down the Atlantic coast.



  1. Sounds like you scored pretty good at your Dad's place!

    I'll bet the visit with the in-laws will be fine if you make it kinda short!

    Enjoy the visit!

  2. Glad you were allowed in the Country of Texas, oh yes, you have relatives here (grin). Welcome and I sure you will feel at home here.

  3. Nice that your father-in-law has some valuable treasures for you. I'm trying to figure out how to haul a few to Florida from my Dad. May end up mailing them to the new place or the realtor's office. Happy trails!

  4. Enjoy your stay up there in them pretty piney woods! Drink a couple Shiner Bocks and get some BBQ. You might just decide to stay : )