Friday, March 30, 2012


The sailing post will be coming. Right now I’m trying to catch up after an eventful evening. Thursday, we had the boat loaded up by 6 p.m. and we were heading out towards the highway. The steering on the truck felt a little funny so I pulled over. There was nothing obviously wrong so I eased down the road a bit more.

Once on the highway, it seemed fine -for about 20 miles. Then the wheels started pulling all over the place. That’s when I moved it over to the side and shut it down. A tow truck stopped to see if we were in need of assistance. Indeed we were in need.

Eventually, between my BoatUS membership and AAA, I was able to cover most of the 157 mile tow back to my dad’s place. Right now the truck is in the garage. The mechanic has found problems in the steering linkage.

As you can imagine, it was long long evening after a few days on the water. I’m pretty beat. At least we had the resources to make everything come together. It wasn’t like anyone was bleeding, or anyone was shooting at us. We’ve got to keep these things in perspective.

Then there’s the two dozen roses. . . .


When we pulled off the road, there was another guy also broken down just ahead of me. He asked to borrow my cell phone as the battery died on his. No problem. In thanks, he presented my lovely wife and I with two dozen roses. Apparently, he was driving a flower delivery van.

Life has some bizarre little twists sometimes.



  1. That's cool. As long as y'all smelled 'em : )

  2. Sorry to hear about the steering problem but at least your lovely wife got a dozen roses, which I am sure she deserved.

  3. Glad ya got towed in anyway.Yep could o been much worse!


  4. LOL, Roses... That is classic you.

  5. At least you got it taken care of before it failed in a major way while driving! Had that happen in a Telephone company van before, and it ain't fun!

    Travel safely, my friend!