Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pleasures of Travel

One of the pleasures of travel is the people you meet.

My lovely wife and I had the good fortune to meet Dizzy Dick and his gracious wife. While it’s nice to be meet people on the Internet, it’s even better to meet them in real life. Dick and his wife entertained us on their RV. We talked much of the day away and it seemed like but a short while.

The main reason for this trip to Texas was to visit my wife’s family. Her parents have been living in the Lone Star State for something like twenty years. My wife’s sister and husband for thirteen. Her children, a boy and a girl, are native Texans. Living two thousands miles apart, we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we’d like.

I’m one of those fortunate people who actually likes and enjoys the company of his in-laws. We saw my wife’s parents in New Hampshire about a year and half ago. My sister-in-law and her family we haven’t seen for five years. Her son was only two then and didn’t remember us at all. The daughter is 12, so she was old enough to know us. We keep in touch as much as we can, but life is busy. Before you know it, those kids will be off having lives of their own.

We are tip toeing around the subjects of politics and religion. Visits are too short to spend the time of arguing over things that probably don’t matter as much as family. It’s nice that we can all focus on what really matters.

In a couple days I’ll be making my way back to my dad’s in Florida. There are more people to meet along the way: family, friends, and friends we haven’t met yet.



  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife. You are right, the day went by way too fast. I want to thank you for sharing some of your precious vacation time with us. Pat Brownie for me.

  2. Sound wonderful. Glad you're having such a great trip.

  3. Nothing binds up a friendship like a good ol' face to face!

    I'm happy that you had a chance to visit and can take back some good memories from the Lone Star state!

    Be careful on the road!