Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anchored out

We spent last night anchored between the bridges at Bahia Honda. I must admit to having a few reservations about that. There's a good 3 knot current and the holding can be sketchy. A few years ago we saw a Flicka 20 get destroyed on the old railroad bridge when it dragged its anchor.

In the morning, I paddled around the anchorage and checked out the bottom. The last few days I watched to see where boats had the most success setting their anchor. I got lucky and the anchorage was empty when we set out. My first anchor appeared to set well, but I set a second one as insurance.

The night was a bit bumpy from the occasional boat wake, but the cost (free), privacy, and lack of bugs made up for it. I'm pleased to say that we woke up in the same place we went to sleep.

In the morning we paddled into the park for coffee and breakfast. There are no dingy dock fees for day use, so this a real bargain -in paradise, no less!

Now that I have confidence in my anchors, I feel I can leave the boat for a couple days while I get my van and boat trailer. Reservations are set for a rental car in Marathon on Monday. We'll paddle our stuff to shore, then deflate the kayak and take it with us. When I get back with the van I'll blow it back up and fetch the sailboat. Bahia Honda has a couple of nice boat ramps, so this is as good a place as any to pull out.

We had thought of going down to Key West, but Key West is not the Key West of old. How many T-shirt shops does a town need anyway?

I think my lovely wife is ready for a break. She's been a trooper, spending week after week on a 19 foot boat. Few wives would put up with such cramped conditions. Of course, there have been benefits. Have I mentioned that seeing dolphins never gets old?



  1. The break will probably do you BOTH some good. You don't want to use your sea legs so long that you can't walk on solid ground without swaying! ;-)

  2. Hoo dive those anchors in that marl. Hard to find a good hook up with changing currents.
    Though you can do a Bahamian moor with two hooks in a channel with current...

    1. The hooks have held so far. Weather is supposed to be mild for the foreseeable future.

  3. Sure hope your boat is in the same place when you get back.

    1. Me too! Some new friends are keeping an eye on it.

  4. Do whatever makes the wife happy! If Mama ain't happy, no ones happy!

    I think the anchor will hold up just fine!