Saturday, February 1, 2014

To the dogs

We left Ft. Myers Beach expecting north winds. Instead of strong north winds, we got fluky winds mostly from the Southeast. Thank you weather service for sorta trying. The winds failed completely and we had to motor the last few miles to our destination, the Bonita Dog Park Beach.

Dogs run free off the leash there, so that's a treat for our dog. We anchored right off the beach and took the kayak in. There's a strong tidal current, but the anchor held well. Saturday we spent the whole day at the beach -with a break back at the boat for lunch.

Not only do dogs come in all shapes, sizes and colors -so do dog owners. We talked with a lot of different sorts of folks. We talk to everyone, the tattooed redneck to the rich guy with his trophy wife.

Temperatures hit the low 80's. Every sort of boat imaginable was out on the water. At times we were concerned about some of them. While some came a bit close for comfort, none actually collided with us. Now that it's after dark, there's only one other boat left, and it's anchored across the small bay from us.

Sunday we hope to make it at least as far as Naples. Winds are predicted to be from the Southeast, so they'll probably be from the north. If we have any decent wind at all, from any direction, we will be sailing. Our boat is a sailboat, after all.

Most of our gear is holding up will. One exception is our camera. We hope to get that running again, or eventually find a replacement. Maybe when we stop at Marco Island.



  1. so you went to the dog island...

    all that "free meat" running loose

    wonder how many would exist when meat prices go skyhigh

    meanwhile don't hurry back


    1. Not my first choice of dinner, but I've probably eaten worse.