Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bahia Honda State Park

Only about 12 miles separate the anchorage at Marathon and the marina at Bahia Honda. 12 miles sound like nothing at all in a car. On a small sailboat in 5 – 6 foot seas, it's far enough. In fact, it's just about right. The wind and waves made it interesting, but it's no far as to wear a person out. Even so, it was good to get into the protected waters of the marina.

Our neighbors are nice and friendly. We had coffee together at our picnic table in the morning. It turns out they'd been camping in Flamingo and saw our boat when it was up there. Small world.

The current plan is to enjoy the delights of Bahia Honda for a few days yet. However, we may anchor out instead of paying the marina fees. The marina has a nice little snack bar with a good selection of ice cream, so we don't want to go too far.

Almost a month and a half has slipped by since we launched out of Bayport. My lovely wife has put up with fairly primitive camping type conditions most of the time. It might be she's ready for a break. The crowded island of Key West seems to have lost its appeal for us and we'd rather enjoy the nice beaches here.

The real has reared its ugly head a bit. Our youngest daughter and family decided to move to California, but will be passing through Miami on the way. It would be a long motor against the wind to meet up with her. We are toying with the idea of fetching our van and tow the boat up. Then we could sail the upper Keys – Biscane Bay area for a bit before pulling the boat out for a few weeks. I feel this trip is starting to wind down -at least this phase of it.