Friday, February 21, 2014

Oh the huge manatees!

Manatees aren't the easiest things to photograph. Most of the time all that sticks out of the water is their snout. Sometimes their back sticks out of the water and all we get to see is a dark fleshy hump. Even so, I think they are a kinda neat.

A couple hours after this photo was taken, this manatee was almost run over by a powerboat. They have a precarious life and may die out. Too bad as the world would be a little less interesting without these great gentle beasts.

I must admit to a tiny bit of perverse pleasure to see the powerboat operator ram his boat into a cement dock at a good rate of speed. Instant karma.

We are just taking it easy in the sun, enjoying the water. I took the kayak out for a good paddle and watched the fish through deep clear water.

This phase of our trip is winding down, but we have no exact definite schedule. For now, we are on island time.



  1. I have never seen a manatee. They must be gentle giants. Stay on island time for as long as you can.

  2. Every once in a while we would see a manatee in the IC in front of our house when I lived in Juno. I always kept my fingers crossed it wouldn't get hit by a stupid boater.

  3. We used to feed the Manatee when living in Florida.
    I miss the warmth there, lol

    It's cold here in OK.

    Enjoy the Manatee!

  4. just enjoy the weather and stay south in the sun and warmth


  5. You were in paradise....
    Shoulda just stayed up on the Shark River and went exploring up into Hazard Bay. Guy could spend a whole winter in there !!
    The Cays...Meh ! Just touristas and shysters there.

    1. Nice right here at Bahia Honda, especially since I'm now anchored out. Paddle in and use the park for free. At 5 all the nuts go home.

      I liked the backcountry a lot more than my wife did. I'm going back to do it right next year -without the wife and dog. She'll get to do a few things that I don't care much for and I'll have some wilderness type fun.

    2. Oh for sure it is difficult to find a place to go ashore up the Shark, not too many beaches for potty breaks eh.
      You can go half way to Miami with a shoal draft boat in there.

    3. I know, right? The little scow I'm building would be perfect for that sort of travel. Finally have some good charts of the skinny waters. Also picked the brains of those who've been there.