Monday, February 17, 2014


My lovely wife and I spent two quiet nights anchored at Long Key. Sunday we had a great sail down to the City of Marathon.

We pulled into Boot Key Marina around 4:30. That's when we found out that all moorings balls were taken and there was a waiting list. This is one crowded and popular marina. We wandered around looking for a place to anchor and even got grounded briefly. By 5 we'd squeezed into an anchorage. The marina was closing at 5:45, was going to be closed all day on Monday. We needed to do laundry and take showers in a bad way.

Our anchorage was a long long way from the marina. We grabbed our laundry and dug our paddles in. At 5:30 we made it to the marina, got our bathroom keys and laundry card. Nothing like clean laundry and a warm shower.

Monday we kayaked in bright and early. We ate at a funky little breakfast place. After that we loaded up on groceries. Since then we've decided to take it easy for a couple days. After all, this is the Keys and we are on island time.

It's not snowing here, so that's a plus.



  1. Don't forget, your on vacation and don't have to worry about time. Take it easy and if you get too dirty, take a dip in the clear salt water.

  2. Island time sounds good to me right now.

    1. It's a fine way to live, even if for just a while.

  3. Glad you're having such a good time.
    You'll agree then that the smaller the magic carpet, the greater the pleasures...

  4. We've been quietly following your blog for quite a while now, especially since you headed south. It's become somewhat of a ritual to settle down each evening here in Edmonton, click on your blog and see what happens next. It's bit like reading a good book!
    Thanks for posting all you do, you and your lovely wife are an inspiration for many of us who cannot escape winter and yes.... it's always snowing here.