Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marco Island on $31/day

I just paid $31 for another night on Marco Island. I don't know where else on the island I could stay for that price as it's a pretty expensive tourist area. Of course we aren't doing a lot of touristy things, except for lunch on the water, dolphin and bird watching, that sort of thing. (there might have been a pretty good sized shark in the marina, but I didn't get a positive ID on it.)

In a way, we are just sitting out unfavorable winds. We could burn gas and pound against the wind, or we could sit it out for another day. Since the fog was thick and heavy in the morning, deciding to wait it out wasn't that hard a decision.

We caught up on the the little repairs that seem to pile up on any boat. At least with my small boat, my repairs are small.

My lovely wife doesn't complain, but she does have some health issues. Giving her another quiet day to rest isn't a bad idea either. She's willing to sail when I say to sail, so it's up to me to make sure she gets her rest.

I was chatting with a dockmaster the other day. He said he should put a little shed near the docks and rent it out to divorce lawyers. Lots of marriages come to grief on the water. We don't want to be “that couple.”

Currently we are at Rose Marina. It's a working marina, but that just makes for interesting things to watch. Nice folks here. The ship's store is stocked better than most. They also get high marks for having fresh coffee every morning. Almost as important, they have a fair selection of charts -including the one I needed to bridge the gap in my Florida Bay charts.

Publix was in reasonable walking distance, so we have topped off our groceries. The little boat is just about ready for the next leg of the adventure.



  1. Rest is good. It IS a vacation of sorts after all.

    1. It is sorta a vacation and sorta a lifestyle.

  2. I tell ya Mon, take the river around the backside to Goodland...Much better protected place to wait for a crossing. Cuts off a bunch of miles also , rather than going way out around the Cape.
    From Goodland, it's a short hop down to Panther Key and a sheltered place to anchor, then another short hop down to the Shark River ( which allows you to go way inland if so desired )
    You are now finally setting on the edge of the only unspoiled places left in Florida.
    Don't hurry down to Margaritaville and rush past the splendor of the "Ten Thousand Islands"....

    1. At Goodland now. Sitting on the hook. Your recommended path is pretty close to what we hope to do.

      Hit some 4 foot places on the river, but not a bad trip over.

    2. It kinda helped that we had Side scanning look forward sonar, with 5 ft of draft !

  3. stay out of the "tourist traps" and live cheaper..


    1. We do like to eat out once in a while but rarely anything too fancy.