Monday, February 3, 2014

What happens next

Life can be full of happy little surprises sometimes. We spent two days hanging around the dog beach. One of the guys we talked to was a Mexican with his little dog Diageo. The dog was a real character, full of energy and attitude. His owner, Mario, seemed like a real nice guy and we got along well. The morning of our departure, he showed up on the beach with a half dozen traditional tortillas for us. He also wants us to visit him at his ranch in southern Mexico. Who knows, it could happen someday.

Our little boat could barely make headway against the current, but we finally made it to the open Gulf and raised the sails. Winds were lighter than predicted so travel was slow. Even so, we did not want to start the outboard. Instead, we changed our destination. Our little boat ducked through Wiggins Pass and we found a slip at a marina.

It's not much of a slip, just a section of dock. We have power, but no water at the boat. There are some nice bathrooms but no showers. On the plus side, the price is right, the staff is friendly, and they have fresh coffee at the ship's store.

My lovely wife discovered she was low on one of her medications. Google indicated we were about as close as we were going to get to a CVS. Even so, the nearest one was over 4 miles away. First thing in the morning I paid for a second night; we were going to need the extra time.

After some phone tag with the different pharmacies, we thought we had her prescription transferred to the one 4 miles away. As it was a bit far to walk, she was going to hire a cab. First, however, we walked about a mile down the road to have lunch. While sitting at the outdoor tables, I saw something through the trees that look just like a CVS. Sure enough, that's what it was. Why it didn't show up in Google is a mystery to me. They were able to fill my wife's prescription, so that saved us cab fare.

I'm using the downtime to square a few things away on the boat, catch up on e-mail, and rest. In the morning we'll cast off and head south once more.



  1. We have snow and more coming. Be glad you're in Florida! Stay safe.

    1. I'm glad I'm missing the snow. Keeping risks to a reasonable level.

  2. That was great finding a close CVS. Sometimes the bear gets you but sometimes you get the bear.

  3. gogle does not know everthing yet

    it is still conquering your world


  4. Google thinks I live across the river and about 4 miles from the other side of town. But maybe that's a good thing...

    1. They used to think I lived on the other side of the lake, but now I've heard they found me.