Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rules and enforcement

Technically, there are rules for just about everything. Even the Everglades has rules . . . and people to enforce them, but their presence is thin. Here in the lovely city Marathon, there are also rules but unlike the Everglades, there is a lot more opportunity to enforce them. The City Marina has a tight grip on everything that goes on in the harbor.

I understand that civilization has rules and laws; that's just how things work. That's maybe why I'm a barbarian at heart and a nomad in practice. The nomad thing will come in handy here in Marathon. They have a very strict pump out schedule for boats in the harbor. Even though we are not actually on a mooring ball, but at anchor, their law holds sway over us.

Keeping the harbor clean is a good thing. I'm not polluting it. However, our simple bucket and bag it waste system, doesn't meet code. That limits our time here. We plan on leaving long before we run afoul of the floating honey wagons.

I can see the attraction of long ocean passages, far from other boats and people.

These civilized ports are where we land to resupply. We don't even have to fire a gun or wave a cutlass. They still accept those silly little plastic cards in exchange for real things so plunder is easy.



  1. I don't know if there are any whales in the area and if there are I'm not sure how your city marina bureaucrats would handle handing out an infringement notice to a whale who might just have a shit in their pollution free harbour. Bearing in mind that a large fish would probably expel more waste than a hundred yachts anchored for a week. Forgive me if my figures aren't absolutely accurate but you get the idea...

  2. I imagine some folks are such slobs that they felt such laws were needed. It's a shame on both counts.