Sunday, February 16, 2014

The people you meet

One of the true pleasures is the people we've met while sailing. There have been a lot more nice ones than nasty. Boaters have gone out of their way to share information or lend a hand when needed.

Another cool thing is running into our new friends further down the line. People we've met in marinas have ended up in the same anchorages. While sailing near Cape Sable we were hailed on the radio. Some folks recognized our boat and were concerned that we might be trying to cross Florida Bay too late in the day. We were able to assure them that we'd already decided to go to Flamingo to wait out the bad weather.

Then there were the nice couple on a 17 foot sailboat. We met them in Flamingo and anchored next to them near Long Key. They've been sailing these waters for years in their small boat and know a lot of tricks, which they've shared freely.

Now that we are in the Keys I expect to run into more of our new friends.

We also will try to connect with friends and family, so that'll be nice.

It's just another lazy day here in paradise.



  1. Those of us who spend too much time around the city can easily forget that most folks are pretty decent when you get away from the hustle and bustle.

  2. U B on dey island time mon....have fun with the conchs

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful a we await more snow!

    1. I think I'm in one of the few warm places in the country right now.