Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This is our last night at this marina. We connected with an old college roommate of my wife's. Her and her husband took us on a provisioning run, so that was nice. I took advantage of the marina facilities like hot showers and filled up on fresh water. Tomorrow I'll buy a few gallons of gasoline before heading out. Marinas aren't cheap, but it helps that our boat is relatively short as they charge by the foot.

Monday we took my wife's friend and her husband out into the Gulf. The forecast just dropped the small craft warnings, but it was still pretty lively out there. We didn't stay out too long as one of our guests was feeling some anxiety with the big waves. In fact, when we got back to the marina drinks were in order. (My lovely wife and I really enjoyed ourselves out in the Gulf.)

Winds are against us so we'll be motoring up the ICW. There's a problem with one of the bridges across our route. It's under construction and can only open half way. It should be enough, but you never know.

We've had some very high winds and nearby tornadoes. This marina has provided decent protection so it was worth the stop.

Can't wait for the northern blast of cold Arctic air to go away and for the warm Florida weather to return.



  1. Tornadoes aren't something I usually think about in Florida during the winter. At least you don't have to worry about sinkholes while you're afloat. ;-)

    1. The weather has been very windy and with enough thunderstorms that tornadoes are spun off.

      Who's to say a sinkhole won't form in the seafloor and suck everything down in a whirlpool?

      Some days . . .

  2. This time of the year, the Gulf can have many different types of weather going on. Be safe.

    1. Because of impending bad weather we've decided to change our travel plans. We'll head to a well protected anchorage to wait it out.