Monday, January 4, 2016

Sunday rain and Monday sail

It had been a bouncy night on the hook. When the wind is kicking up it can make for a restless night. Occasionally we'd wake up and check to see that we hadn't dragged anchor. Fortunately we are not prone to seasickness.

Sunday was a day of rain. My lovely wife and paddled the dog to the park for her “shore leave.” On the way back to the boat the rains came and soaked us to the skin in short order. It really felt good to settle into the boat's cabin and put on some dry clothes and brew up some hot coffee.

The day was pretty laid back. My lovely wife won most of our cribbage games and we did a lot of reading. When the rain slacked off for a short while we hustled out on deck to set up our jib sail on the roller. A few days earlier we'd taken it down to do some repairs. Roller furling is something we are still getting used to, but we got it right the first time.

If all goes as planned we'll be sailing as you read this. We'd hoped for better winds, but sometimes you take what you can get. At least half our planned trip will be right into the wind. Most sailboats would just put the sails away and power into the wind. With out undersized outboard that's not a good option for us. Besides, there should be room to tack into the wind so we'll manage.

The marina we are heading for is a long day's sail for us. Winds are supposed to pick up in the night and we hope to be safely tied to a dock by then. We are ready for hot showers and meals that don't come out of a can.



  1. Wind?
    We've got some of that... and snow... and ie... and freezing rain.
    It's just frikkin'n lovely around here.

    I will say that bobbing around in a sail boat in the wind, at anchor, doesn't appeal to me much either though.
    I worked on small tugboats back in the day and on another occasion, the only time I have been at sea, I was on my Uncles 51 foot fishing boat while the swells were so big the prop was coming out of the water on the crest of every wave, for a day and a half.

    No thanks.
    While I vicariously enjoy your lifestyle I know about these floating coffin things and they ain't my cup of tea.

    1. I feel safer on a small boat that I'm in control of. Had a rough pound today and my lovely wife loved it.

  2. I'm trying to figure out where you were anchored. Pelican Bay I can't find on the map!

  3. Getting rocked to sleep isn't that bad, in fact, it would be kind of nice.

    1. It's nice, as long as we aren't bounced out of bed.