Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just another day on the water

Breakfast on the boat: there was only one egg left so I scrambled it with cheddar cheese and served it with spiced home fries made from canned potatoes.

We decided to get coffee at the local coffee and bake shop while giving the dog her walk. It was a cool morning here, in the low 50s, but eventually warmed to around 70. My lovely wife ducked into a nearby hardware store while I sipped my coffee. She found some shock cord to replace the one I had to cut off the kayak a while back. In the middle of the night during rough weather it had gotten tangled in the outboard prop.

Boca Grande has a good dog park so Brownie got to run around off leash for a bit. There's a pretty decent pizza place in town that allows people with dogs to eat out on the patio. Unlike most eateries around here it's reasonably priced.

Back at the boat I installed the shock cord on the kayak, checked the pressure in the air tubes, and cleaned it up a bit. After that it was a bunch of little boat projects, including that pesky leaky porthole window. I hope it's fixed as there's rain in the forecast.

There's good AT&T coverage here so I'm able to access the Internet with my hotspot device. Along with writing and e-mail my finances can be accessed on-line. It certainly makes life easier.

This isn't a big boat, but it's big enough so I can sit at a table with my laptop and a cup of tea. My lovely wife is reading a book. Our solar panel provides all the electricity we need. We can cook on a one burner stove and wash dishes in a tiny sink with a hand pump. Our composting head is working well. Our basic needs are easily satisfied.

During the day the neighboring boats lifted anchor and cast off. It's quiet out here on the bayou.



  1. Every day a holiday, every meal a feast.

  2. There's a lot to be said for simple living.

  3. Enjoy your sailing and bring back lots of memories. How about some pictures??

    1. Yeah, I'm falling down on the picture front. My bad.

  4. You haven't said much about the new boat. Do you like it? Big enough for your stuff and still sleep in comfortably, any leaks above or below the waterline, rigging easy to use and maintains course without a lot of correcting input from the captain?

    1. Yes, I like it. No matter what size boat a person has, they can always use more storage. That being said, there's a lot more storage room on this one and we are slowly figuring out how to pack it. We are still getting used to the sailing rig, but it's pretty easy to use.

      No leaks below the water line. I hope I fixed the leaky porthole. Will find out in the next rain.

      Not too used to the deeper keel yet. Grounded twice, but got off both times in 5 - 10 minutes.

      It sails really really well for its size. Fast and sails close to the wind, even with older sails.

      We are comfortable. I'm over 6 feet and have room to lie down and stretch my legs.

    2. Glad to hear that! Hopefully it will warm up for you soon. Where you headed next?

    3. Working our way up the coast to Sarasota