Friday, January 15, 2016

Storm Day

As I write this we are sitting in a marina, watching the storm and tornado warnings on TV. We looked for a protected spot, back among the canals and trees and condos. There should be a break in the weather and we hope to move up the coast. It might just come back and hit us again Sunday.

This photo was taken early in the morning as the storm was just starting to get interesting. If you look carefully you can see our sailboat mast sticking up between the power boats.

This is a nice place to sit it out, but the building closes at 5 so it's back to the boat. Hopefully the worse will have passed by then.



  1. I see the mast or is hat your lightning rod :-)
    Thanks for the pics, it helps us come along.

  2. For some reason power boats are more likely to get hit than sail. Doesn't make sense to me either. Sun came out in the afternoon.

  3. We had a beautiful day here in East Texas. Will send it your way.

  4. Hope you get some clear sailing weather soon.