Friday, October 20, 2023

Battery Powered Tools

Thanks to more powerful batteries cordless tools have really come into their own. I really like being able to work beyond the reach of extension cords. 

My big pet peeve is that everyone has a different battery/charger setup. Some standardization would be nice. The number of different chargers hanging around my shop is becoming a problem. I even have two 20 volt tools from the same company that require different chargers.

At least some companies have families of tools that use the same batteries. That’s a help. Personally, I like that Toro’s 60 volt tools can use batteries of different amperage. I could use my chainsaw battery in their snowblower. Stuff like that is handy. The major companies seem to be leaning towards interchangeability. 

It’s the odd tools that can be a pain. I needed a cordless impact wrench for a single job. Amazon had something that looked like it could do the job for cheap. It did. Then it became clear that the tool was pretty useful for a lot of things. Unfortunately, the charger burned out after the warranty had expired. Finding a replacement was a royal pain. Eventually one popped up in my searches that looked like it might work. The problem is they wanted $60 for it. 

It seemed like a lot of money for something that may or may not work. Then Amazon put the whole impact wrench kit on sale for $70. I bought it instead of the just the charger. 

One of my more interesting battery powered tools is a grinder. Those have been a real boost for criminals. They do a pretty good job cutting locks. Of course I would never do anything immoral with mine. 



  1. There is also that little issue of Lithium Batteries and low quality chargers setting pretty awesome fires.

    Some pretty graphic security videos of cheap e-bikes on chargers burning up apartments in NYC.

    I keep my recharging where I can see and smell them as they recharge. I have a path and oven gloves to get them out the window.

    I've lived through a house fire. Badness.

    1. There's some great video of cheap Chinese electric cars on fire all over China. Cheap batteries and poor quality control do not go together.

    2. Quality control is why I don't buy from Fleabay.

      More often than not you get what you pay for if you choose a quality product.