Saturday, October 28, 2023

Loving the night

I love the night. I’m friends with the dark. My dad’s the reason darkness is no threat to me. When I was a little kid he taught he how to get around in the dark. We played games with the lights out. It was a blast for a little kid. Now the darkness feels like a warm security blanket to me. 

Yeah, I know that seems pretty weird to most folks. However, think of the advantage of not having any fear. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it will hurt you. Dad also taught me how to enhance my other senses and to rely on them at night. 

I may have come from a long line of poachers. 



  1. Isn't that a song? Lovin the Night? hmmm. You and I were raised in very similar shades. 80) We tend to be the scariest things roaming the night.

    1. I am that big thing going bump in the night. No wonder my shins are a mess. :)

    2. Me, it's my toes. The feet stick out a little farther than normal.