Thursday, October 19, 2023

No Frost Yet

As of October 18th we’ve yet to have a hard frost. That’s not normal for northern New Hampshire. My lovely wife volunteers at a botanical garden. There are flowers in her pollinator section that are blooming again. She’s never seen that happen in the garden before. 

It’s been a pretty mild fall. However, it can go from unusually warm to unusually cold overnight. Just south of us is Mount Washington which has the worse weather in the world. Major weather systems come together in our area so anything can happen. 

Long range weather forecasts have never been very reliable. It appears they are doing a worse job now than in the recent past. That’s not really a surprise. Weather predictions rely heavily on data from previous years. That’s handy -until some basic conditions change and the present is not like the past. 

With that in mind I’m paying close attention to forecasts that predict heavy snow in my area. There might be something to it. Winter here can be both warmer than normal and snowy than normal. Actually, I prefer that over the opposite. Nothing worse than a deeply cold lean snow year. That’s when the frost is driven deep in the ground causing all kinds of problems. I’ve had both water lines and sewer lines freeze. Neither are any fun. 

Now all I have to do is to talk my lovely wife into us buying a new snowblower. 



  1. Thanks 4 the reminder, need to fuel up and test fire the snowblower.

    1. You are welcome. One morning you are going to suddenly need it.

    2. Me, I'm the snow blower at my house. I call it cross training. I have a prediction, "Yes, we will have weather." It can stay warm as long as it likes. I'm not quite ready for the evil white stuff.

    3. You have a fairly long driveway . . .