Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Make do mechanic

I just installed a trailer hitch on my Ford Escape.  I get all my towing and trailer stuff at They aren’t a sponsor, I just like dealing with them.

The instruction video claimed it was a 40 minute job. Maybe it is -with a lift, two people, and air tools. That’s how it was done in the video. By myself, using ramps, and with hand tools it was closer to 2 hours. It doesn’t help that I screwed up and lost a bolt in the frame channel. Fishing that back out took a bit. Then my lovely wife needed me to clean up and go through some paperwork with her. Actually, with all the snafus, two hours probably wasn’t too bad. 

It’s good to have a vehicle with a hitch again. The wiring harness hasn’t been installed yet, but that should be too big a deal. It’s not my first rodeo. 

The next project is my utility trailer. The bearings and springs are new but the tires are shot. I’ve replacements for those so that shouldn’t take too long. Of course, the registration is expired so that’s one more hassle. 

Country living pretty much requires the ability to tow things. There’s firewood to be moved, trips to the dump, boats to haul, and sometimes I even tow a wood splitter. Urban tow hitches usually don’t handle anything heavier than a bike rack. 



  1. I have a tow package on the back of my CRV. Not that it can handle anything bigger than a motorcycle trailer... I had the kids at school do a break job for my front end. They did a pretty good job. Their teacher was Berlin City's head man a couple years back. It was incredibly cheaper.

    1. Now all you need is a motorcycle trailer -and a motorcycle. Glad you got those brakes done.

    2. Yes, a bike and trailer to go with the CRV would make a complete package.

    3. I'm always up for a road trip.