Thursday, October 12, 2023

Send in the Fixers

Insurgencies are settled with political solutions. Sending in the troops only works if you commit total genocide. Unfortunately there are people who think that’s a good idea. They are monsters.

Decades of the “Irish Troubles,” was solved by turning revolutionaries into politicians. There were some really talented individuals who make that happen. 

So why don’t we train diplomats with the will and resources we use to train Navy Seals? We could employ cutting edge Sociology and Psychology. Diplomats should have the resources necessary to close deals. It’ll still be cheaper than sending an air craft carrier into  harm’s way. 

Eventually all conflicts are settled at the negotiation table. Unfortunately, that’s usually after many thousands of lives have been lost. Wouldn’t it be great if we started with the negotiations first? 

As I write this Israel is in the process of insuring there’s going to be a new crop of terrorists. It’s an eye for an eye situation that will leave everyone half blind. 


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