Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Friday, November 26, the holiest day in the consumer calendar. It's the day for shopping madness. Stores open their doors like the legs of a cheap . . . Oh never mind.

I never go shopping November 26. Now some people boycott Black Friday to make an anti consumerist statement. For me, it's nothing so organized. The shopping scene on that day is enough to keep me away, all by itself.

Isn't greed a sin? What else is it but greed when people camp out to be first in line to buy some big flat screen TV for 50% off?

Black Friday will find me entertaining some old friends. We'll put the coffee on and catch up. Thanksgiving day is spent with family, but the day after is a great time to reconnect with those who've moved out of town. The holiday brings them back. We'll tell stories and have a lot of laughs. Might even break out the guitars and badly play some good music.

Beats fighting the crazed crowds trapped in the throes of a spending frenzy.



  1. I hated being dragged out into that mess when I was a kid. The entire day spent in one or two malls. I have nothing against people shopping, but I am not going into the crowds. I also hate Dec. 26th shopping, which was another tradition that thankfully died when I got older.

    Hope your Thanksgiving went well . . .

  2. I agree. In fact, I don't celebrate any holidays anymore. All have become too commercialized and have lost the true meanings.

  3. There is one store here opening at 3 A.M.! Seriously! I can only imagine the moronic mayhem about to go down today... Me, I'll be staying home until, oh... January!

  4. BLACK FRIDAY: made deposit in bank to pay off bills. seriously if was not able to pay on budget terms would face living in a tent in the woods living off handouits to get by..

    and yet find others maxing their credit cards out and draining their savings for lots of xmas presents?

    parents did not raise an idiot here!


  5. It's wise to not christmas shop on black friday. It's a heroic and genius act to not shop for christmas at all.

    I'm refusing gifts again this year and not spending a dime on anyone but my kid. The wife and I take a two day vaction as our present to each other.