Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To vote or not to vote?

That is the question. A sizable number of people believe voting is participating in a corrupt system. If they ignore it, it will just go away. Maybe it will and maybe it won't.

It's argued that there's really very little difference between the two major parties. They both work within a framework that neither has the will or incentive to depart from. I agree with that.

For a democracy to work; well informed, politically aware people are needed. Since education has been dumbed down so incredibly badly, we shouldn't be surprised by the results.

Remember back in school what kind of kid wanted to be class president? They grew up to run the country, the little snots. Is it any wonder things are so screwed up?

That being said, I'm going to vote. I've no illusions voting will change much on the macro level. However, on a very local level, my vote does make a difference. Voting for the guy who'll leave well enough alone is one of my guiding principals. For example, if a local selectman has a brilliant plan for increased zoning, I'm voting for the other guy. I doubt my vote will influence how the nation's foreign policy is conducted, but I can influence how the town picks up the trash.
It's worth me voting, even if only to keep from being hassled from some pocket Hitler in my small town.

So yeah, I'm voting, but with very very low expectations. Even so, I'll probably be disappointed.
There's one corrupt illegitimate son of a female dog whom I vote against every year, but the ill bred cur is still there. Hope this year it's different, but I won't be too surprised of he gets in again.



  1. Mayberry, via George Carlin, was saying no. But I am with you. Possibly at some point we we will rise to the occasion and bring in some better politicians.

  2. I've got no illusions of things "going away". I am witholding my consent to be governed by a pack of criminals...

  3. I just figure that, if you don't at least vote, you don't get to complain. Or, maybe, if you do complain, everyone else has the right not to listen. ;)

    I voted. It won't do any good. I hate the choices I was given. All I can do is try, and then hope for the best.

  4. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke
    And so I vote.
    Only 2 of my candidates made it through the primaries, only 1 of them is likely to be elected. But if we do not vote because most of the choices are between bad and worse, would any good people ever be nominated or elected?
    If people won't get involved, they should shut up because it's action and not opinion that counts.

  5. @anon
    If one's qualms are with the system itself, not simply a particular action or set of actions that it is engaged in, it makes little sense to vote. While I think Sixbears has a point about trying to effect things locally for one's own sake, voting on the national level when nothing good comes of the system you are voting for is nonsensical. In other words, mock teh vote.

  6. I voted! I consider myself a hard core conservative, but this year I voted a more constitutionists and Libertarians than usual.
    No, I did not waste my vote. Until other parties get some votes the R and D's have a lock on the system and they are the 2 sides of the same coin. If I can give a few moments of my time and make the Pelosi's and Graham's of the world sweat. It's time well spent.