Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry, no recovery here.

Last few days I've talked with a number of people who've been unemployed so long they've exhausted unemployment benefits. According to government statistics, these people don't exist.

Some guys are are only getting by because their wives are still working. Not that many years ago, these very same women were only working so they could get some nice extras: a camp, a big RV, snowmobiles, a boat, or to send the kids to college. Now they work to put food on the table. The ones I've met personally have stepped into the breach without much complaint, but let me tell you, they are getting sick of being the primary bread winner.

People who are still working are reporting reduced hours, pay cuts, and deteriorating working conditions. Companies are quick to tell workers they can easily be replaced.

Companies are much less willing to work with people. Late on a utility payment? Pay up or be cut off. At one time it was possible to work out agreements with some of these guys. No longer. Electric companies have cut off power to people with essential medical equipment. There are instances where people have died because of it. In America, no once cares if people are freezing in the dark.

So far few have made a fuss. The sleeping citizens just take it and endure.

However, that may be coming to an end. There are stirrings of people who've gone all the way from sad to mad. Some of that energy was diverted into the recent election. Time is short. If real relief isn't on the way soon, the sleeping sheep may turn into wolves.

Should conditions for the average Joe get even worse, he's going to strike out, and it won't be pretty.



  1. Seeing the same things here Bro! Politicians are saying people are hurting but they really don't know what it means.Recovery,right!


  2. There will be no meaningful or lasting improvements until the fundamentals change. Squaking about this or that party means nothing. All economic woes are a direct result of the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. It's insane that a government would borrow money into existance from a private company rather than create it itself.

  3. "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way"

    Seems we still have some English blood in us.
    But mess around too much and they'll wake the fighting Irish...

  4. personally believe that Roosevelt had it right ( We have nothing to fear but fear it's self ) to much fear being broadcast by some of these cable networks .There are some good people out there doing the right thing working to help others. Makes me think of what I saw once when I was down (I thought I was bad off because I had no shoes till I meet a man that had no feet) .When that sunk in I got up and started to make things happen.I will say with the help of others.No man is an Island . We have been down before .But first remember it's up to you to take the first step.

  5. As a small business owner who has suffered greatly for the past 2 years, and might be on track to almost break even this year, it's not only the "average joe", but also the "rich business owners" who aren't so rich any more!

    Hermit Jim sent me, and it's nice to meet you.

  6. I have to wonder just what it's going to take before a lot of these folks wake up! Sometimes I feel that way too many of them just don't get it...and probably never will!

    Hope you don't mind me sending a few folks your way!

  7. Hi Marjie. Good points, and welcome.
    Thanks for sending people my way Hermit Jim!
    Ted, I've given up on fear and I'm just swimming in the stream.
    Mayberry. Fight the good fight.
    Muddome. There really is hope to build something good from the ground up.
    China. The Pols don't want to get too close to the poor people, in case some of the poor wears off.

    Interesting times guys.

  8. unfortunatly til/if it gets better? there be plenty of needless suffering and death going on;

    hard trimes getting harder!


  9. HermitJim suggested I stop by. I am truly glad that I did.

  10. Sci, you haven't been here before? Shame on you! (Mayberry smacks Sci upside the head with a mackerel) ; )

    It's an inside joke...