Saturday, November 6, 2010

Man on a Journey

I can't help myself. When I see a funky looking vehicle, I've got to check it out. Today I saw an old VW camper van and it had a bizarre paint job. My buddy stayed back at the car, as he didn't have my curiosity.

As I was checking out the van, an old guy popped out from the other side. Before you know it, he was telling me all about the symbolism painted on the van. He told me his third eye opened and he had a vision. I know that sort of thing can freak some people, but who am I to judge his subjective experience?

He's a poet and a playwright, which might explain why he's been living out of his van since 1994. I believe that in America, if a guy wants to live out of his van and believe unusual things, that's his business.

As I was leaving, he told me that in some circles he's known as White Bear. I laughed and told him that in some circles I'm known as Sixbears. "Sixbears, huh. Well then, we must be brothers."

We both chuckled, shook hands then went our separate ways.



  1. I would love to know his "vision." I agree if that is the way one wishes to live, so be it.

  2. OK, now we have an old bear and a young bear. All we need now is a momma bear. . . :-)

  3. Dizzy, Mama Bear comments on my blog sometimes!

    Sixbears, I've met a lot of interesting people that way. I'm especially drawn to old restored mahogany boats, or home built/unusual boats. Unfortunately I don't see too many these days... I would like to run into the fella that rides around here in an immaculate '65 Chevy pickup. Even has air conditioning...

  4. My husband is known as Grumpy Bear. ;-)