Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boat Projects

I've been having a marvelous time planning and doing projects for my sailboat. There are no marine supply stores within reasonable driving distance. All my new boat stuff has been purchased on-line. It's easy to get carried away with all that. Who doesn't want to pimp their ride?

Some projects have to be done. The boat needed new navigation lights and new wiring in general. The trailer tires will have to be replaced. While the current ones got the boat home, they aren't to be trusted for several thousand miles of highway driving. I bought a new anchor. The one that came with the boat was badly undersized. I still need a GPS and a hand held VHS. Those will be the last things ordered on-line.

The rest can wait until I've actually sailed for a while. Then I'll have a much better idea what is necessary, what is nice, and what is a waste of money.

Good thing I put the brakes on my purchases. Some stuff I've gotten free from friends. My sea kayaking buddy gave me a really nice compass. He'd bought it for his sea kayak, but it wasn't a good fit. It's perfect for the sailboat. Another friend just gave me a good Danforth anchor. Now I have two good ones.

My current plan is to outfit the boat with all the necessary safety and navigation equipment. Beyond that, I'll wait and see what needs present themselves. Once I'm down to Florida, I'll have the opportunity to talk with experienced sailors. I'll be able to actually walk into stores and see things for myself. (I already had to ship a bad purchase back to the company.)

Better yet, there will be the opportunity to buy good used equipment. Why pay retail when used is good enough?

Planning is good, but there reaches a point where it becomes self defeating. I don't know enough yet. It's tempting to go all out and get everything imaginable. Then I remind myself how I actually like simplicity -one reason we went with a small boat instead of a large one. It's important not to lose track of values.



  1. from long experience in towing boats; spare rim and tire along with a set of wheel bearings be good for trip. damn bearings if not greased occasionally wear out at usually the wrong time and place.

    and a portable hydrallic jack is a blessing in such events.

    happy sailing!


  2. Hi Wildflower: good advice. I'm replacing the old tires rims and all and keeping them as spares. Got the jack and a grease gun for the bearings. Will grease them up good before heading south.