Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sailboat photo

Finally got the camera working. Here's the Oday 19 sitting out by the solar panels.

The mast is still in travel position. That'll be coming off soon so I can work in the cabin. Just got in new navigation lights and a power control center. Doing the wiring soon. Putting in the VHS radio. A friend of mine just gave me a good marine compass. A new, more substantial anchor is in shipment. Not happy with the way the folding swim ladder is mounted, so plan on redoing that.

Still have yet to decide on which GPS to get, but I'm narrowing it down.

The plan is to have everything "ship shape," before February when we head south to Florida.



  1. Nice looking boat. You and yours will have a lot of fun with it.
    When I first looked at the picture, I thought that the solar array was mounted on the boat and I wondered how the sails would clear it. Glad you cleared that up. BTW you could put a small array on the boat. No trees in the ocean to block the sun.

  2. I like Garmin myself. Easy to use and I've never had any trouble with them. Another good thing is that the different models all operate pretty much the same. Sweet boat!

  3. Thanks Dizzy, I thought I'd better make that clear. I want solar on the boat, but want to sail it a bit first so I'll know where to put the panel without it being in the way.

    Mayberry. That makes another good review for Garmin. A sea kayaking buddy of mine has been using the same Garmin unit for 12 years. Hope you get your own sweet boat soon.

  4. Saw some flexible 30 watt solar panels at Amazon at a pretty good price. Also Sportsman Guide has good prices on boating stuff.

  5. Adventures: the new anchor is coming from Sportsman Guide. Really want to add solar, but not quite sure where to mount it yet. In the mean time, the 6 hp motor can charge the battery. Hope to use the motor very little, so solar will be nice to have. Always like to have a couple ways of doing something.