Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The kitchen clothesline

I think my kids are appalled at the way my wife and I live sometime. It wasn't too bad when I put up a great big clothesline outside. The one in the kitchen, however, disturbs some people a bit.

The four hooks permanently mounted in the kitchen are unobtrusive. They look like the sort of thing someone would put a hanging plant on. Instead of plants, they are anchor points for a couple lengths of nylon line. I can hang a full heavy duty laundry load on it.

To me, it makes perfect sense, so I'm not too concerned with how it looks. The woodstove dries out the air in the house -too dry. By hanging the laundry inside, some much needed moisture is added to the air. Not only am I saving energy by not running a dryer, no energy is used to run a humidifier. That's a win win in my book.

I still have a propane dryer, and even use on occasion. Not sure what I'll do with it when the propane runs out. Haven't bought any propane in a year in a half. Maybe I'll give it away.

My dad always says he never saw anyone work so hard to live the way his grandfather lived. He's only half joking.



  1. I think it's a great lifestyle, and I am a big fan of what you're doing!

    Gotta be fun driving folks crazy!

  2. The thing I hated the worst when I lived up north was the dry air inside the house in the winter time. You have the perfect cure, but what do you do when all the clothes are clean?

  3. Indoor humidity isn't a problem here on the coast. But drying clothes, inside or out, can be a bit of a problem! Especially the heavy stuff, like jeans. Took two days to dry some jeans once! And they were still a bit damp... Fortunately, I don't have to wear jeans too often ; )

  4. When you talk about propane I have to say I had a shock this year. I have a 40 gallon propane tank propane for my clothes dryer and for emergency use like my camp stove for cooking and filling one lb. propane tanks for lighting should I need it. The bill was $4.90 a gallon this year. I really feel for all the people who heat and cook with it everyday. $4.90 a gallon is obscene.

  5. I live alone now so I hung a clothesline in the sunroom that I did not want in the first place. I have finally found a use for it!
    Yukon Mike, where are you located? I paid $1.75/gal here in NC a month ago. I did get 200 gallons maybe its cheaper if you buy more.

    Sixbears, I like your outlook on things and way you express them here.


  6. Sounds good to me. Sort of a China Town thing.

  7. I keep hearing weird rumors about propane -like don't expect it to be around too much longer. Where there have been isolated spot shortages, and regional price spikes, it's still around.

    My main problem with propane is that I can't make it myself.

  8. Ha! My wife just put up a clothesline in the breakfast nook just last week! As far as the propane tank goes, yes you should fill it ASAP! You should keep that tank at 75% full if you can. If you don't you most likely will wish you did. Excellent post.