Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When the spouse comes on-board

Had a nice long talk with my buddy in Kentucky. Now for some time I've been telling people to at least get a small solar electric system. It's not necessary to run the whole house. Enough power to run a couple lights and the TV or radio make all the difference in the world when the grid goes down.

I guess he took my advice to heart. He went out and bought a small solar electric kit.

Then he had to tell his wife about it.

It's not like he's spending the rent money to do this. They can afford it fine. However, buying something without consulting with the spouse can sometimes be a dicey proposition -especially when it's a purchase one spouse might not agree with.

His wife surprised him. She thought it was a good idea. In fact, she suggested he spend considerably more money and get a more capable system. Soon he was back on the phone with me asking about equipment, suppliers, and system designs.

Then she comes home with a pile of books about building small energy efficient cabins. It occurred to her that a small rural cabin, with its own power system, could be a really cheap and self reliant way to live. This new attitude is about 180 degrees from the way she was a couple years ago.

He credits part of her attitude change to their summer visit at our house. She had a wonderful time out here in the woods. She swam in the lake. Paddled the canoe around a bit. We all went to the farmer's market together. After the market, everyone would get together for a campfire and some homemade music. Lots of family and friends around -smart, good people pulling together as a community.

She liked that and saw the value of our lifestyle.

It's encouraging. There's hope. People are figuring out that the conventional ways of living might not be the best -and certainly not the most fun.



  1. That is very cool - just the exposure to a different way of life is always beneficial. Even if you don't agree with it, at least gaining the new perspective helps.

    Our spouses are always surprising us, it seems. Glad to hear she is opening her eyes.

  2. I'm sending my wife to your place!

  3. My wife "came around" after reading a book about The Coming Resource Wars. Suddenly...when Serious People talked collapse THEN my ideas were accepted.

    Except for my slightly wounded pride, I'm delighted!

  4. good to se more people surviving the right way.


  5. ...the Mrs finally came around,about the 08' election times,although she's becoming complacent again,it only took her eight years to idolize the rural livin'(we came back to my home,MS in 2000)...she was city born and raised,the Motor City born and raised...

    ...can you say culture shock? betcha

  6. Home made music around a camp fire - Wow, does that bring back some very special and happy memories.

  7. Sure does make things a bit easier with the spouse aboard! Of course, for us single's a lot easier!

    Glad your friend is winning the battle!

  8. Lately I have noticed alot more folks starting to think about being prepared for what may come. I find it really encouraging. I "got on board" 3-4 years ago and have never looked back! It is so much easier when a couple works together to make things happen.

  9. Mayberry,

    Stop by and pick up my wife to go with her!